About us

Howdy and welcome!

I'm Clarrissa, the chief yarn wrangler behind For Dyeing Out Loud. I am based in Napier, Aotearoa New Zealand with my chef husband and toddler daughter.

My journey to color has been an odd one as I had always considered myself as an analytical academic. I picked up my knitting once again while I was pregnant with my daughter and fell into the world of hand dyed yarn. After a particularly brutal bout of Perinatal Depression I found I could no longer continue my regular day job but my passion for fiber and color grew. I dabbled into dyeing for a Woolswap parcel and from there I couldn't have enough.

The inspiration for my colorways come from moments and emotions of my life, so their is a wee piece of myself in every skein. 

If I'm found not knitting or dyeing, I'm hanging out with my wee family, Catching up with friends for coffee or gin or singing and dancing my heart out (badly) in the house, in traffic or anywhere I can put the music on loud.

Thank you to each and every one of you, I truly wouldn't be here without the support that I have received from you, and from my family and friends. 

Stay beautiful and knit on!